Activating Quix License

Once Quix is installed on your website, you might need to activate your license, specially if you used Quix Pro Full Package instead of Quix Installer. Activating your Quix license will allow you to use features like QuixRank, QuixOptimize, use our Pro layout blocks and full page templates and it will also allow you to update Quix using Joomla's Update System.

To activate your license you need to get your License Key, to do it, please go to your Dashboard, you can copy it From There.

Once you have your License Key, go to your site and to Quix - Pages, click on the Activate License button and a pop-up will appear.

Quix - License Activation button

On this pop-up you will need to type your ThemeXpert username and paste your License Key on the Auth Key field. 

Once you have both of them, click on the Activate button and if your information is correct, Quix license will be activated giving you access to all our awesome features.

If you have any issues activating your license, please check our Troubleshooting documentation or contact us to open a new support ticket and we will gladly help you.

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