How to Update Quix

Whenever there is a new Quix release, you will get a notification message on Quix so you don't miss it, and all you have to do is click on Update.

Quix - Update Notification

There are two different ways to update Quix on your website, which one you use will depend on the method you used to install it the first time, and both will be explained below.

Quix Installer

If you used Quix Installer to install Quix, after clicking on Update the installer will run automatically, you just need to follow the same steps of the Installation Process and Quix will be updated.

Quix - Requirements

Once the Installation is completed click on Start Building to close the Installer.

Quix - Installation Complete

Quix Pro Full Package

Please go to your Downloads page, and download Quix Pro - Full Package (Quix Full Package for Quix Free users). Once it is downloaded, install it on your site going to Extensions - Manage - Install. This update process will update Quix without changing or deleting any of your current content.

Quix Pro Full Package Download

Once the Installation is completed you will get a confirmation message and you will be ready to enjoy Quix's new features.

Quix - Extension Completed

If you are still having issues updating Quix, please contact our Support department so we can help you update Quix.

Happy building!

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