Link Page to a Menu Item

Quix pages need to be linked or assigned to menu items so that your visitors can properly view them on your site. You can link new pages to new menu items directly on the Quix editor in a few steps.

  1. Click on the Settings button available on the toolbar.
  2. Select Link Page to Menu and the configuration window will open.

On the configuration window you will get the required options to assign the page to a menu item:

  • Menu Title - Set the Title for the menu item, this is how it will be displayed on your menu.
  • Menu alias - Set the Alias for the menu item, this is the part that will show on the URL. 
  • Select Menu - Here you will be able to select the menu you want to add the menu item to.
  • Select Parent Item - Here you will be able to select another Menu Item, this will add this new one as a submenu item.

Quix - Assign Page to Menu Item

If you prefer, you can work directly on Joomla's menu manager to assign Quix pages to menu items.

  • Go to Menus and select the menu where you want to add the item for your Quix page.
  • Create a New menu item or open an existing one.
  • Set the Title and the Alias for your menu item.
  • Click Select on the Menu Item Type option, click on Quix and then on Page.
  • Click Select on the Select The Page option, select the Quix page you want to link to this menu item.
  • Configure the rest of the available options as you need and click Save.

Joomla Menu Manager

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