Page Layout

Quix pages are made of four different parts: Sections, Rows, Columns and Elements. Inside a Section you can place as many Rows as you want; inside Rows you can place Columns, depending of your layout you can place one or more; and inside Columns you can place one or more elements.

To start creating content on your site:

  1. Go to Quix - Pages and click on New, this will open the editor.
  2. Type a title for your page and configure the Page Settings, then click on Save.
  3. Click on the Add Section button. This will create the Section and the Row, and you will be asked to select the number and layout of the Columns you want to add, click on it.
  4. Click on the Plus icon and the list of available Elements will open, click on the element you want to add and configure it.

That is it, you can keep adding Sections, Rows, Columns and Elements to achieve the layout and design you want.

Quix - Page Layout

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