How to Install Quix Page Builder

To install Quix on your Joomla website, you must have an account on our site and a license for Quix Free or Quix Pro, if you don't have an account, you can create one and get your Quix Free or Quix Pro license.

Once you have this, click on the My Dashboard button available on the top right corner of the site, and then click on Downloads, you will see all the products you can download, select the Quix tab and download Quix Installer (Recommended), this will download a zip file to your computer.

Quix Installer Download

To run the installer you need to install this file on your Joomla site, to do so follow this steps:

  • Login to your Joomla Administration area.
  • Go to Extensions - Manage - Install.
  • Drop the file or click the Browse for File button and select the downloaded zip file.

Once the installation finishes, you will see a Proceed with Installation button, click on it and you will be guided through the process to install Quix in 5 simple steps.

Quix - Proceed With Installation

Step 1: Requirements

On this step you will see 2 tabs. One is Settings and the other one is Directories.

On the Settings tab you will se the minimum requirements needed on your server for Quix to work properly on your site and if you meet them.
On the Directories tab it will show you the path of every directory Quix needs access to and if it has enough permissions or a change has to be made.

Make sure that you meet all the minimum requirements, otherwise Quix will not get installed. If any of the requirements or the directories show an issue or are not green, please contact us so we can help you.

Quix - Requirements

Step 2: Validation

On this step we need you need to validate your account and license information. To do this, just type your ThemeXpert username and paste yout AuthKey (you can get it on your account's dashboard).

Quix - Validation

Step 3: Installation

After validating, and during the installation process, you will be able to see all the different things the installer is doing on your site, from downloading the installation files (it will always download the latest Quix version available) to the post installation clean up. Be sure to click on the Next button as soon as the installation reaches 100%.

Quix - Installation

Step 4: Maintenance

During this step, our installer will simply clean up and remove all the files that were used during the installation but that are not needed by Quix to work, this will help mantain a clean site avoiding wasted space.

Quix - Maintenance

Step 5: Installation Completed

Congratulations... Quix is now installed on your site and you can start building and creating content with the best Joomla Page Builder.

Quix - Installation Completed

If the installation process was not completed succesfully or got stuck at any of the installation steps, please go to your Downloads page, and download Quix Pro - Full Package (Quix Full Package for Quix Free users). Once it is downloaded, install it on your site going to Extensions - Manage - Install. This update process will update Quix without changing or deleting any of your current content.

Quix Full Package Download

If both of this installation methods fail on your site, please contact us and we will gladly check what is causing the issue and help you install Quix on your site.

Happy building!

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